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Mobile Access Solutions for the Enterprise

Advances in wireless technology and mobile computing have empowered workers to perform many of their job functions on mobile devices when out of the office.

Today, access to numerous forms of electronic messaging and receiving business calls on mobile phones is commonplace. This has created the idea that in the very near future, all of their office functions can be performed on mobile devices.

To fully realize the vision of cutting the cord from the office cubical many new tools still need to be created that run office desktop systems and mobile devices.

CommonDesk has started building a suite of tools that provides mobile versions of common office tools.

Our first tool, ARCviewer, provides remote access to email and files that were archived from desktop systems using Symantec’s Enterprise Vault.

The Challenge

Enterprise Vault users can’t manage archived emails on the go.

This becomes a problem when

  • Users need messages that have been archived from Outlook to Enterprise Vault.
  • A user’s email quota has been exceeded after having received a large number of large messages, with large attachments.

ARCviewer provides the tools to search and manage Enterprise Vault-enabled inboxes from all mobile devices.

Access Years of Historical Email

Your Exchange and BES systems impose different email retention policies on your users. But when using ARCviewer your users have access to all of their archived email from any mobile device.

ARCviewer Benefits

Search through archived emails from your mobile device

  • By keyword (subject and body)
  • By senders, message date, attachment types
  • Within attachments
  • Across information silos, using the BlackBerry Universal Search

View archived messages

  • View HTML-based messages
  • View attachments (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF)

Act on archived messages

  • Transfer previously archived messages to your active inbox
  • User existing usernames and passwords to secure access
  • Manage the system from any web browser
  • Limit system utilization
  • Load balance across multiple Enterprise Vault servers
  • Provide secure access using BES MDS or Cisco VPN

System Specifications

Archiving Systems

ARCbridge communicates with these email archiving systems

  • Enterprise Vault v8 and greater
  • Inquire about others
  • All mobile devices can connect to same ARCbridge server 

Mobile Devices

ARCviewer works on the following mobile devices

  • BlackBerry 8xxx, 9xxx, Storm, Curve, Torch, Bold
  • Android smartphones and tablets v2.1+
  • Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod touch (iOS 4.0 or greater)