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Compliance Solutions for Regulated Industries

Recently, many companies have developed strategies as to how they can connect with their customers and partners using Social Media, Mobile devices and the Internet.

This process is complicated by numerous regulations, SEC 17A and HIPAA, that were created without concern for how companies were to comply with these regulations and at the same time derive benefits from these new forms of communication. These regulations require companies to monitor communications between employees and others to ensure sensitive information is not disclosed. Unfortunately most of these technologies were not developed with compliance in mind, therefore forcing companies to block the use of these systems or risk exposing their company to lawsuits and fines.

CommonDesk has developed a line of products that allow companies to monitor, capture and control employee’s access to Mobile Devices, Social Networks and Instant Messaging.

CommonDesk Compliance Solutions

Our products are based on the CommonDesk 360 framework. This represents a complete overhaul of our existing Compliance Engine capture system. It supports greater scalability and reliability based on the lessons learned from our deployment of our existing Compliance Engine product.

Benefits for your company

  • Allows unrestricted use of all messages formats available on your Blackberry devices.
  • Supports better communications between employees and customers

Benefits for your Compliance management staff

  • One platform that provides universal compliance capture for multiple information’s sources
  • Provides a single user identity across multiple information sources for each messages
  • Advanced scheduled reports delivered by email

Benefits for your IT staff

  • Web-based interface allows access from any web browser in your network
  • Administration User accounts accesses your existing Active Directory to provision Administrative accounts
  • Administrative User roles allows for Read-only and limited access for help-desk personal
  • Scheduled system jobs performs scheduled maintenance tasks thus reducing IT admins workload
  • Online context-sensitive help reduces system training and allows Administrators to learn on the job
  • Service containers provide support for managing distributed systems