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ARCviewer for Android

ARCviewer for Android provides mobile access to your Symantec Enterprise Vault-based email archives. With ARCviewer, you can, search, archive, de-archive and forward archived messages just as you would when using Enterprise Vault from your desktop. Using our ARCbridge server module, large and small enterprises can extend this critical resource to mobile users.

Key Points

  • Native Android application
  • Supports Enterprise Vault 8, 9, 10
  • Search for messages using Simple or Advanced search options
  • Supports HTML-based messages allowing user to follow embedded links, and dial embedded phone numbers
  • Securely connect to Enterprise Vault using Windows Domain credentials

The Challenge

It’s common for business users to have gigabytes of emails that are infrequently accessed but should not be erased. Products such as Symantec’s Enterprise Vault provide a mechanism for archiving messages using less expensive archival storage. While archiving systems solve this problem for desktop users, it creates another problem for mobile device users, who view their smartphones as a desktop replacement.

In many companies, an inbox quota is set on all email accounts. This limits the amount of messages that can be kept in each user’s inbox. If a user exceeds this quota, they will stop receiving email until they archive some number of messages. This presents a problem for mobile users, who can’t archive items when out of the office.

The Solution

ARCviewer for Android provides a mobile application that allows users to view, archive, dearchive, and search for messages in their Enterprise Vault.



  • By keyword (subject and body)
  • By senders, message date, attachment types
  • Within attachments and vaults


  • HTML-based messages
  • Attachments (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF)


  • Forward archived messages to anyone
  • Transfer archived messages to your inbox


  • Log-in using Windows Domain credentials

ARCbridge server

The ARCbridge module serves as an interface between the Mobile devices and Enterprise Vault. This system provides many important features

  • Controls the amount of concurrent accesses made to Enterprise Vault.
  • Provides the required security needed to access each account
  • Interacts with email systems used during messages forwarding

Support for large deployments

ARCbridge can be deployed on numerous systems to allow the solution to scale to the largest of enterprise deployments. Contact CommonDesk for more information on this topic.

Secure Access

Access to ARCviewer from Android devices can be provided either through a VPN connection or by using a reverse-proxy solution to control access. We’ve integrated ARCviewer deployments with a variety of reverse-proxy solutions in the past. If you are already using a reverse-proxy solution, inquire about integrating ARCviewer with it.

If you’re not using a reverse-proxy solution already, and wish to give users access to ARCviewer without a VPN, we can setup a reverse-proxy solution in your environment using Microsoft IIS and the ARR module. Inquire about how this is setup for more information.

System Requirements

  • Enterprise Vault 8, 9 ,10
  • Android 2.1+
  • CommonDesk 360 management console
  • CommonDesk ARCbridge server module