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Server Agent for Bloomberg

The CommonDesk Server Agent for Bloomberg captures all Bloomberg terminal communications — including IM and email — using the Server-side log file provided by Bloomberg. This includes attachments that were sent with Bloomberg email.

Key Points

  • Import Users from existing Bloomberg Logs
  • Dynamic Discovery: Automatically import new users
  • Full Unicode Support: Capture messages sent in international languages
  • Archive full emails with attachments
  • Integrate Bloomberg identity with a User’s corporate identity
  • Provides daily reports on user and message capture statistics

The CommonDesk solution

A typical firm with about 5000 users may generate 500,000 Bloomberg messages everyday. This requires the compliance solution for Bloomberg to be scalable. The CommonDesk server agent for Bloomberg, shipped as part of the Compliance Engine, is exactly that. Powered by the CommonDesk 360 platform it allows administrators to create any number of instances for Bloomberg capture to speed up the process. This solution uses the versatile CommonDesk Email engine to integrate messages to a compliance mailbox.

The Server Agent for Bloomberg allows an admin to:

  1. Import Users from Log files made available by Bloomberg through SFTP.
  2. The administrators have an option of enabling dynamic discovery which would allow the system to automatically import any new users once they are found after an initial import.
  3. Control when a Job for processing Bloomberg messages starts.
  4. Specify Customer numbers which require archiving. The other messages can be ignored
  5. Control how many threads are used to process Bloomberg messages.
  6. Control various parameters around integrating messages to a compliance mailbox.