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Server Agent for BlackBerry

Server Agent for BlackBerry BES extracts all SMS, BlackBerry PIN, Phone call logs and BlackBerry Messenger communications from your BlackBerry Enterprise Server. These messages are processed and then sent to your email archiving system.

Key Points

  • Extracts log files from your BlackBerry Enterprise Server
  • Zero footprint on BES server
  • Supports BES 4.1-5.0
  • Supports multiple BES servers
  • Messages extraction can be scheduled

The Challenge

Research in Motion has provided a compliance mechanism that uses the generation of files that contain non-email messages that are sent and received from their mobile devices. These log files are generated and stored on the BES server. The Server Agent for BlackBerry BES, processes these log files and stores and integrates the messages into your Email Archiving system.


  • Processes all message types including
    • BlackBerry PIN
    • SMS
    • Phone Call Logs
    • BlackBerry Messenger
  • Auto-discovery of user accounts
  • Threaded conversations
  • Provides extensive reporting
  • Integrates messages to all popular archiving systems

System Requirements

  • BlackBerry BES server 4.1,5.0 with BES MDS
  • CommonDesk 360 management console