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Mobile Agent for BlackBerry OS

Mobile Agent for BlackBerry provides real-time mobile compliance for BlackBerry devices. The Mobile Agent, initially marketed as PinCushion, was the first mobile compliance product to hit the market and remains the most advanced and comprehensive.

Key Points

  • Native BlackBerry application
  • Captures SMS, MMS, BlackBerry PIN, BIS Webmail, Phone logs
  • Registers with our CommonDesk 360 server in real-time
  • Advanced design support zero-battery drain.
  • Returns captured messages in real-time to our server
  • In combination with our other products capture 6 other types of Instant messages.
  • Interoperability with Server Agent for BlackBerry provides seamless BBM capture via BES logs
  • Once installed by the BES server user cannot remove it.
  • Administrators remotely control and configure the application from our server console

About the Mobile Agent

The software captures the broadest range of message types: SMS, MMS, BlackBerry PIN, BlackBerry Webmail, and Phone call logs. In combination with our other products: BlackBerry BBM and 6 other types of Instant message can be captured. Messages captured on this platform are archived in near real-time by our server product.

In combination with our CommonDesk 360’s server platform the Mobile Agent provides a complete mobile compliance solution for your enterprise. The Mobile Agent captures messages on-device, before they can be tampered with, capturing messages and relaying them to the Compliance Engine server in real-time, ensuring complete security, from the device, to your Compliance Engine server, to your archives — security which makes the Mobile Agent the superior compliance solution on the market today.