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Mobile Agent for BlackBerry 10

Our industry-leading mobile compliance platform is now on BlackBerry 10. Mobile Agent for BlackBerry 10 provides real-time mobile compliance for BlackBerry 10 devices, bringing the most remains the most advanced and comprehensive mobile compliance to a new generation of mobile devices.

BlackBerry 10 ready.
Our industry-leading mobile compliance platform is now on BlackBerry 10. Got BlackBerry users? We’ve got you covered, on every device.

CommonDesk’s industry-leading Mobile Agent message capture software is now available for BlackBerry 10, in addition to older BlackBerry OS devices. That means your regulated users will be ready to upgrade to BlackBerry 10 as soon as they need to, without compliance concerns getting in the way. With the Mobile Agent for BlackBerry 10 at their disposal, enterprises looking to transition to a BlackBerry/BES 10 environment can do so knowing they have all the tools they need to maintain complete regulatory compliance.

Just like our older releases, the Mobile Agent for BlackBerry 10 captures messages on the device, before they can be tampered with. This differs with other strategies that depend on the BES log files, and are unable to provide the kind of complete message capture guarantee that on device software guarantees. The Mobile Agent checks in with the server periodically, and can be sent a heartbeat message at any time, ensuring that the software is always running, and that every message will be captured.

Core Features

  • Captures SMS, PIN, and Phone Call logs
  • On-device application, runs silently in the background
  • Cannot be removed by end-users
  • Captures messages instantly, with no reporting delays
  • Remote monitoring and commands supported through CD360 console and BES push integration
  • Tested to ensure minimal impact on device system resources including battery, CPU, and memory
  • Supports BB10.1 and above

Compliance Engine Server

The Mobile Agent is supported by the Compliance Engine server, which runs on a Windows 2008 machine on premise in your environment. The Compliance Engine can be installed on either a physical or virtual server, requires the .NET Framework, and connects to a MS SQL Server database.

How it works

The Mobile Agent is deployed to your devices.

The Mobile Agent is installed via the BES 10. The application is designed to run as a required app in the corporate-liable workspace. This way, the app is automatically installed by BES push deployment, and cannot be removed by the user. As soon as the app is deployed it begins running on the device, capturing messages silently in the background.


Users send messages.

Messages begin being captured as soon as the application arrives on the device. The Mobile Agent captures both sent and received messages — SMS, PIN, and Phone call logs — completely in the background, without any impact on the user’s experience. The app has been tested to ensure that it does not cause battery drain or cause any resource strain on the devices on which it runs.


Messages are submitted to your server.

When the app captures a message, it queues it up to be sent to your Compliance Engine server, which resides on premise in your environment. When the Mobile Agent finds new messages in its queue, it submits them to the Compliance Engine over the Compliance Engine web services. The data sent over the wire is kept small, so that minimal bandwidth is used in message capture. Messages are submitted to the server within seconds of arriving on the device, bringing the possibility of tampering to next to nil.