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CommonDesk 360 Platform

All CommonDesk products are managed using the CommonDesk 360 console. This web-based tool enables IT administrators to provision, configure and manage our server-based products through a single, consolidated web interface. Access is granted by assigning existing Active Directory-based accounts roles depending on the user’s job function. The solution is composed of several system services and applications that are built using a common framework. This provides a uniform administrative features set across all of our products.


  • Web based User interface allows access from any browser
  • Active Directory based credentials enabled existing users names and passwords to be used
  • System roles allows for controlled access based on an individual’s skill and knowledge using the system.
  • Reduced system maintenance time using scheduled system jobs
  • Training is reduced by access to online context-sensitive help


  • Web-based interface can be accessed from any web browser in your network
  • Service containers provide support for managing distributed systems
  • Domain service to watch over the activities of all system services
  • Multi-user administration plugs into existing Active Directory infrastructure and user accounts
  • Role based administration provides different capabilities based on the administrators job function. (Superuser, Administrator and HelpDesk).
  • Resource tools for managing, organizing, and testing exterior systems and resources
  • Built-in job scheduling automates administrative processes, minimizing administration time
  • Integration Targets control how messages are sent to archiving systems, supporting granular, per-user control of integration, and support for multiple archiving systems
  • Group importing features allow administrators to import groups from other systems including Active Directory and BES
  • User Profiles provide granular control of how information is processing and what features are made available to each users
  • Reporting tools provide a complete solution for monitoring the system
  • Online, context-sensitive help and documentation

Supported Products

  • Compliance Engine service
  • Mobile Agent for BlackBerry
  • Server Agent for BlackBerry
  • Server Agent for Bloomberg
  • Server Agent for Pivot 360
  • ARCbridge for Symantec Enterprise Vault

System Requirements

CommonDesk 360 is a server-side application that runs as a set of Windows Services on a Windows Server 2003 or 2008 machine, making use of the following tools:

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003/2003 R2/2008
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008/2008 R2
  • Microsoft IIS web server 7.0
  • .NET Runtime 3.5